Family Sew Portable Walking Foot Zig Zag Sewing Machine

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The Family Sew Portable Walking Foot is a Semi Industrial Sewing Machine with Upholstery capability!


Ghost Hunter 5x60 Night Vision

High quality image and resolution. Close observational range of focus. High power built-in infrared illumination. Ergonomic design and quick power-up. 1/4 socket for tripod accessories. Lightweight and durable composite
284.26 USD

Janome 7 in 1 Fast

Fast Metal Frames will change the way that you embroider. Using a unique method that allows you to stick down the items to the frame instead of hopping, you open
239.00 USD

Arrow 6014 Riley Blake Hexi

Our Chair is a perfect accessory for any craft room. The chair's vibrant heavy-duty Riley Blake Fabric in colorful rainbow colored hexi motif that is sure to match any d
299.00 USD

PGM-Pro 610 - Mens Pants

This industry pro Mens' pants form comes complete with hanging stand and rolling base. Available in sizes 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44. Excellent for industry designers, fashion students
599.00 USD

Creative Center Onyx Combo

Everything you need to create a functional art or design studio is needed in this set, including an adjustable drawing table with a pencil ledge to keep work and tools
446.55 USD

The Board 500VB Reliable Home

The Board 500VB is the ultimate in pressing performance, with features that will give you professional results every time the same features used by the best garment-makers, dry cleaners
499.00 USD

Juki HZL-F600 Full Sized

Purchase a sewing machine that exceeds in stitch quality. The Juki HZL-F600 computerized sewing and quilting machine gives you more creative power.
1049.00 USD

Econosew Medium/Heavy-duty Lockstitch Machine 2060AL

Single-needle, medium/heavy-duty lockstitch machine, unison-feed needle-feed and drop-feed with alternating presser feet , large horizontal hook, reverse feed and auto lubrication.
799.99 USD

Qnique 21inch Long Arm Quilting

With 21 inches of throat space, the Q'nique long arm quilting machine provides an extended work area to give you the artistic freedom you desire. Buy it today
6199.00 USD

Highlead GL13128-1 Portable Blind Stitch

The GL13128-1 is Highlead's portable industrial blind-stitch machine for use on a wide range of materials with features similar to the larger unit stand mounted model GL13118-1
369.00 USD

Highlead GC20528 Series Industrial Sewing

This is a split needle bar machine built on the GC20518 platform that is available in standard size model GC20528-M and large capacity hooks model GC20528-B .
2499.00 USD

PGM-Pro 608Y - Young Men

This industry pro young mens' dress form comes complete with stand and rolling base. Available in sizes 36Y, 38Y, 40Y, 42Y, 44Y, 46Y and 48Y. Excellent for industry designers
499.00 USD

Econosew Extra Heavy Cylinder-bed Lockstitch

Single-needle, cylinder bed, extra heavy duty lockstitch machine, unison-feed needle-feed drop-feed with alternating presser feet , extra large oscillating shuttle hook and reverse feed.
3420.00 USD

Highlead GC128 Series Industrial Sewing

This single needle high speed lockstitch sewing machine series uses a link take up, rotating hook and link driven feed mechanism, thereby allowing it to maintain precise stitching even when
899.00 USD

Floriani Super Machine Bundle

Introducing Floriani's all in one Super Machine Bundle of stabilizers, thread, and designs! Now including a 500 design collection and book with the Floriani My Design Album to help catalogue
799.99 USD

Bernette Sublime London 7

499.00 USD