3B Scientific 1004216, Spanish Slide "General Parasitology"

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Includes: 1(f) Trypanosoma gambiense, Central African sleeping disease, blood smear 2(f) Plasmodium berghei, malaria in rodents, blood smear with vegetative forms and schizogony stages 3(f) Sarcocystis sp., section of muscle showing the parasites in Miescher's tubes 4(e) Nosema apis, honey bee dysentery, t.s

10 d Taenia saginata, tapeworm, proglottids in different stages t.s

11 f Hymenolepis nana, dwarf tapeworm, proglottids w.m

12 f Echinococcus granulosus, cyst wall and scolices sec

13 d Ascaris lumbricoides, roundworm of human, adult female t.s

15 f Enterobius vermicularis Oxyuris , pinworm, adult specimen w.m

16 d Trichinella spiralis, muscle with encysted larvae l.s

17 g Ixodes sp., tick, adult w.m

19 e Acarapis woodi, varroa, parasitic mite of honey bee, w.m

20 e Sarcoptes scabiei Acarus siro , section of diseased skin with parasites 21 f Anopheles, malaria mosquito, head and mouth parts of female w.m

22 e Culex pipiens, common mosquito, head and mouth parts of female w.m

23 f Cimex lectularius, bed bug, w.m

24 f Pediculus humanus, human louse, w.m

25 e Ctenocephalides canis, dog flea, adult w.m.

8 t Taenia or Moniezia, tapeworm, scolex w.m

9 f Taenia pisiformis, dog tapeworm, mature proglottids w.m

Carrier of relapsing fever and borreliosis 18 d Dermanyssus gallinae, chicken mite w.m

In region of gonads 14 d Ascaris lumbricoides, ova from faeces w.m

Of adult flat mount and carefully stains 7 d Fasciola hepatica, ova w.m

Of diseased bee intestine 5 d Eimeria stiedae, causes coccidiosis in rabbit liver, t.s

Shows parasites in all stages 6 f Fasciola hepatica, beef liver fluke, w.m


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